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Career in Culinary Arts | Eligibility | Exam | Scope

Culinary arts term encompasses many professional titles. With a formal culinary arts education background, you can work as a sous chef, prep cook, pastry chef, or head chef. As a cook, you’ll be handling and preparing food during…

Career in Architecture and Construction | Eligibility | Syllabus

  Architecture, the art, and technique of designing and building, is distinguished from the skills associated with construction. Architecture is everywhere. Every building: home, school, office, hospital, and supermarket were designed for their particular purpose. It is of…

Mental Health in Corporate Sector

Mental Health of Corporate Sector

When we talk about Mental Health as a very important thing we need to take into consideration that corporate mental health is also very important. It is where this statement from former Porsche CEO Peter Schutz best applies….

Corporate Assessment – Company Wellness Needs Assessment

Corporate Wellness Needs Assessment

Corporate Assessment are tools for evaluating the performance of all key systems and processes of the company. Executives worldwide are turning to Company Assessments to help gather more complete information about the departments and processes which they manage…