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Career Options After B.Com

Hi All, welcome to Brain Checker’s blog, in today’s article we will be talking about Career Options After B.Com. I am Keya Raje, a Counseling Psychologist and Co-Founder, Brain Checker, I have been working as a Career Counselor and Mental Health Professional for last 10+Years. In this article, we will be talking about Career Options After B.Com. So let’s begin.

Career Options After B.Com

Bachelor of Commerce or Beacom is among the most popular graduation courses that students take after completing school in today’s day and age getting a Beacom degrees compulsory for a commerce student but it is not enough one has to take up either post graduation on a professional certificate to have a fell stablished career after completing their Beacom degree however it is not easy to find high paying jobs for becon graduates so here is a list of 13 great courses that you can opt for after getting a degree in be calm for a stable job in the future


1 Master of Business Administration

MBA is the most popular course available for students who are not just graduating from commerce but from all other fields in this course you will learn to manage different aspects of a business based on specialization you choose to do an MBA you need to clear the Common Admission Test your cat score determines which college you get into various multinational companies hire fresh MBA graduates and offer high paying salaries based on the Institute they graduate from according to pay scale the average salary of an MBA graduate is rupees 7.2 lakhs per annum in India


2 chartered accountancy

the first course that generally comes to the mind of a commerce students as a career option is ca ca is one of the best career options after become unlike MBA students can enroll for CA right after completing high school ca comprises three stages and clearing all three stages along with an internship of 2.5 years makes you a certified chartered accountant then scores can land you jobs at multinational companies while you can also open your own CA firm and practice your degree the average salary of a chartered accountant is rupees seven point nine lat in India


3 three companies secretary

the company secretary is responsible for efficient administration of a company in India it is the company secretary he advises the Board of Directors on corporate governance and the directors duties a company secretary degree involves the study of law in the corporate field this degree is also three years long and comprises three stages namely foundation executive and professional the average salary of a company secretary is rupees 5 point 8 lakhs per annum


4 Master of Commerce and commerce

the Masters course in commerce this degrees 2 years long and can be obtained through any government recognized University or College in India this course helps you master the concepts you’ve learned as a decom student and apply them in the professional world the average salary of an income graduate is rupees 3.7 lakhs per annum in India


5 Chartered Financial Analysts

CFA’s a course offered by the cfa institute in america with a duration of 2.5 years it is considered to be one of the highest standard in the industry one can become a financial analyst and a statistician or a market research analyst after doing this course the salary after doing this course can vary depending on multiple factors the average salary of a chartered financial analyst in India is rupees 6.8 lakhs per annum

6 business accounting and Taxation

business accounting in taxation is an excellent course that a graduate cannot form this course is highly in demand one can work as a tax consultant corporate law assistant or a Company Law sistent after doing this course the average salary in India for business accounting and Taxation is rupees 4 lakhs per annum

7 certified management accountant

the course that can fulfill your dream of travelling abroad while working CMA is offered by the Institute of Management Accountants USA for this course you will have to clear two stages of examination and have a work experience of two years the average salary of a CMA is repeating 8.1 lakhs per annum

8 u.s.Certified public accounting

the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants offer the course of CPA worldwide for this course you need to have a good knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles this course is generally recommended to be pursued after getting a degree in CA or MBA the duration of this course is two years after graduation and the average salary of CPAs in India is rupees six nine lakhs per annum

9 financial risk management

for a recognised degree in banking and finance frm is an excellent option this course only takes nine months to finish after graduation and the exams are conducted in two parts in May and November the salary after completing this course is comparatively high ranging from rupees 6.5 to rupees twenty nine lakhs per annum

10 certified financial planner

the certified financial planner course has a duration of six months and after the course the graduates can pick career options like a financial consultant or an insurance consultant a certified financial planner provides services to his clients with expertise in topics like investment plans insurance decisions tax issues and personalized financial advice the average salary of certified financial planner says rupees 3.9 lakhs per annum in India

11 certificate in Investment Banking

to get a certificate in Investment Banking you need to take the CIB course for six months an investment bankers position is one of the best career options after become in this job your rule will be to provide your clients with your expertise in raising capital by selling equities and issuing deaths in the company the average salary of this course is very high average salary for an investment banker in India is rupees 9.6 lakhs per annum

12 Bachelor of education

a very simple but beneficial course you can opt for after be Commerce com the knowledge that you will have acquired as a peacock graduate can be used in your profession as a lecturer the duration of this course is two years the average salary is rupees 3.1 lakhs per annum in India

13 digital marketer

if you are looking for a creative job digital marketing is your go to course you can learn the intricacies of the digital business world through this course digital marketing courses can last from three to eight months many multinationals as well as native companies hire for this job the salary of a digital marketer can range from rupees 3 to rupees 10 lakhs per annum you can determine your interest based on the career choice that you would like to opt for after your graduation for all the young minds wondering what to do after become you need to check the amount of time the difficulty level and the price of the course before deciding which cause to opt for after your graduation any of the above courses are sure to land you a great job so that you can happily start your journey in the professional world

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