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Astrophysics/Astronomy as a career| How to be a scientist at NASA/ISRO

Hi All, welcome to Brain Checker’s blog, in today’s article we will be talking about Astrophysics/Astronomy as a career| How to be a scientist at NASA/ISRO |. I am Keya Raje, a Counseling Psychologist and Co-Founder, Brain Checker, I have been working as a Career Counselor and Mental Health Professional for last 10+Years. In this article, we will be talking about Astrophysics/Astronomy as a career| How to be a scientist at NASA/ISRO |. So let’s begin.

Astrophysics/Astronomy as a career| How to be a scientist at NASA/ISRO |

have you ever been fascinated by the night sky the stars moon planets do you feel curious to know more about them well space sciences have a lot of children since long and they want to know what educational part to select or what to study so as you solve

Main contents

i’ll be giving you what is astronomy in astrophysics important institutes  in india where you can study astrophysics skills required if you want to be an astrophysicist and important books which are a must read if you want to enter this field astronomy is a science which studies celestial objects comets planets astronomers use high-tech equipments and telescopes to observe the stars and the galaxies they do a lot of research and try to understand the conditions that exist.

Different Branches

in the space some branches of astronomy are astrobiology cosmology astrochemistry isrometry and astrophysics astrophysics applies the laws of physics to understand the birth life and death of stars astrophysicists at nasa try to explain how the universe works and try to find out if there is life on another planet let’s see what are the road maps to become an astrophysicist to be an astrophysicist you need to study maths and physics in class 11th and 12th

after class 12th

after 12th you need to appear for je or kvpy exam on the basis of which you can get admission into btech at iist that is indian institute of space technology trivendrum or bachelor’s program of premier institutes like iiic bangalore or isil’s there are seven ideas which focus mainly on research now what if you don’t clear this exam don’t worry you still stand a chance actually this is an in-depth science so there are many universities which are offering courses at masters and the doctorate level you can continue with your bsc in maths and physics some universities are offering this course at the bsc level like osmania university andhra university and punjabi university and more than 25 universities are offering mse in astrophysics and astronomy just being a post graduate in this field is not enough you need to pursue your doctorate level course in astronomy

Premier Institutes

some good institutes offering phd in india are indian institute of astrophysics bangalore tata institute of fundamental research mumbai various iits and ayuka pune they all select the students on the basis of jest exam that is the joint entrance screening test since this is an in-depth study where you need to learn long before you start earning

Major Skills

so check out for the various skills have an in-depth love and passion for maths and physics have an eye for detail as lot of research is involved lot of patience and curiosity to gather interpret a lot of data you need to be good both in written and spoken communication you will have to explain your research

work at many seminars and conferences be ready to attend science camps conferences internships to build awareness and knowledge if you are really interested in astrophysics you will find black holes by stephen hawkings and astrophysics for people in a hurry by neil degrasse tyson very exciting this career route is pretty long as it requires a minimum of phd degree so it’s excellent for the ones who want to invest in intellectual growth after a few post doctorate level courses you might be working as a full-time researcher in an observatory or a university professor or who knows isro or nasa could be


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