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why mechanical engineering is a good career


Mechanical engineering is the study of engineering. It teaches us how to screw yourself.

Mechanical engineering is a discipline of engineering that applies the principles of physics and materials science for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems. It is the branch of engineering that involves the production and usage of heat and mechanical power for the design, production, and operation of machines and tools. It is one of the oldest and broadest engineering disciplines.

The engineering field requires an understanding of core concepts including mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, materials science, and structural analysis. Mechanical engineers use these core principles along with tools like computer-aided engineering and product lifecycle management to design and analyze manufacturing plants, industrial equipment and machinery, heating and cooling systems, transport systems, aircraft, watercraft, robotics, medical devices and more.

mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineers typically do the following

  • Analyze problems to see how mechanical and thermal devices might help solve a particular problem
  • Design or redesign mechanical and thermal devices or subsystems, using analysis and computer-aided design
  • Investigate equipment failures or difficulties to diagnose faulty operation and to recommend remedies
  • Develop and test prototypes of devices they design
  • Analyze the test results and change the design or system as needed
  • Oversee the manufacturing process for the device

The following are examples of types of mechanical engineers

Auto research engineers seek to improve the performance of cars. These engineers work to improve traditional features of cars such as suspension, and they also work on aerodynamics and new possible fuels.

Heating and cooling systems engineers work to create and maintain environmental systems wherever temperatures and humidity must be kept within certain limits. They develop such systems for airplanes, trains, cars, schools, and even computer rooms.

Robotic engineers plan, build, and maintain robots. These engineers plan how robots will use sensors for detecting things based on light or smell, and they design how these sensors will fit into the designs of the robots.

Eligibility and professional courses


B.E. Mechanical Engineering is a 4-year full-time undergraduate Engineering course. Candidates who have completed 10+2 or an equivalent examination with 55% of marks in physics, chemistry and mathematics subjects from a recognized board are eligible for BE Mechanical Engineering course. The percentage may vary from one college to another.

Following are the Best professional courses provided by certified institutes

  1. CAD/CAM-

Computer-aided design and computer aided manufacturing are the hottest courses to enroll in once you have a mechanical degree in hand. There are  multiple career choices ranging from machining or prototypes, computer numerical control, product design, component modeling and more…

  1. Thermal Engineering-

Thermal Engineering is the branch of science that deals with thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer etc.

  1. Oil-Rig Drilling-

We all know that oil industry is one of the richest and booming industries in the world. There are job opportunities galore in oil fields and oil gas industries across the world. Students who specialize in this stream can take up highly paid off-shore projects. There is also a huge demand for maintenance engineers and drilling engineers in several top industries. you get some of the most highly paid positions in this sector.

To understand more watch given video,

Best colleges

The best colleges (universities)in India for mechanical engineering are

  • TERII (Technology Education and Research Integrated Institution).
  • Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada
  • Delhi Technological University, Delhi
  • SASTRA University, Thanjavur
  • .Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar
  • College of Engineering, Trivandrum

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Career Prospects

Following are the major prospective

Evergreen Field

Mechanical engineering is an evergreen field. Applications of mechanical engineering have spread over such a wide spectrum that it has penetrated into almost every industry. Mechanical engineering got its application started right from the birth of this universe and it will continue till the end of this universe.

Mother of All Engineering Disciplines

Yeah it’s mother of all engineering disciplines and you know it! Mechanical engineering links all engineering disciplines together and provides a base for all engineering education.

Everything Is Mechanical

Mechanical engineering has its application in all fields of life. May it be medicine, construction, automobile or even software and IT industry. Everything you see around you involves mechanical engineering to some extent.

Everlasting Scope

Scope of mechanical engineering is everlasting. Mechanical engineering graduates can find career placements in almost every sector, right from construction sector to steel industry and from automobile to software.

Best Job Offers

Mechanical engineers get best job offers after graduation. It’s one of the highest paid jobs all over the world.

Social Status

Mechanical engineers are respected in every society. They possess a respectful social status among masses. They are like global ambassadors. Wherever they go, they are treated with respect.

Most Interesting

Mechanical engineering involves study of some of the most interesting phenomena of science and engineering. The basic focus during study is on subjects such as thermal engineering, fluid sciences, machine design, industrial engineering and production engineering.

Even GOD Loves ME

Ever thought GOD also implemented mechanical engineering in nature? Motion of your body, arms, hands and feet involves mechanical engineering. Your heart pumps blood and it runs through all your veins. This is again application of mechanical engineering. The more you look into nature with the eye of a mechanical engineer; you will find more application of it.

Best Lifestyle

Do you need a best lifestyle to live in? Mechanical engineering offers you one of the best lifestyles. It’s like a dream come true.

Vast Industry

Mechanical engineering industry is vast. Every industry needs mechanical engineers to run its business smoothly.

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Salary Prospects

Mechanical Engineering the wide evergreen field, acquire the best field of choice based on your interest, the learning process is crucial before earning. A lot of picks to choose the industries, departments like oil and gas, Manufacturing, Product development, Research and development, Aeronautics, space science, Maintenance, Analytics, Heavy machinery, automobile, Supply chain, erection, HVAC, Atomic, etc,

Now coming to your point Mechanical Engineer salary depends upon various aspects, the field you choose, the department and the role in the industry, the institute you coming from, technical knowledge last but not least the talent you have to move up and update to pick the job and withstand.

Salary description is given below

  • India — INR 1.5 -4.5 lakh ctc
  • Gulf countries — AED 97,415 per year.
  • European countries — €44,000 and €52,000 per year.
  • USA — $67,935 per year

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