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Highest Paying Careers in India

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If you are one of those who don’t mind working hard – but only to get that lucrative compensation at the end of each month, here is a list of best career options in India. Take your pick!

Highly payable careers

Today in this article we are going to discuss highly payable career for those students who are confused career choice.

Brain checker helps you to choose best career option for your bright  future

What do you think makes your job promising? Is it the creative satisfaction? The perfect career could be a combination of both, but that maybe just wishful thinking for a lot of people! A look at some career options that are always in high demand in India.

Some of the Top & Highly paying careers given by Brain Checker,

Management Professionals

One of the most celebrated professions in India, this course needs high understanding of corporate know how and management skills. If you wish to draw big salary packages from this profession, you must pursue MBA from premier institutes like IIMs, XLRI, FMS, IIFT, and Symbiosis among others. The average starting salary of an MBA is 10 – 12 lakhs per annum.

Software Programmers

Professionals of this field should be well updated with the latest technologies and skills to remain a contemporary component of this field. A software programmer proposing SAP services can get up to 12 lakh per annum.

Medical Professionals

This is one recession proof profession and professionals in this field are perennially in demand, especially now with growing health awareness amongst people. Other than doctors and surgeons; dentists, dieticians and physiotherapists are also gaining recognition for what they are worth and making good money in their respective specialization. This profession also has some added non-tangible incentives like the satisfaction of saving someone’s life or making it better and earning respect from people.

Chartered Accountants

This profession can be called the backbone of every other profession as maintaining financial records and accounts is prerequisite for any company publicly or privately held. This course can be very demanding and requires a lot of hard work but upon successful completion, you can expect a stipend of 5 – 8 Lakh per annum in the initial stages itself.

Aviation Professionals

Commercial pilot as a profession has seen a boost in the last few years. With the increase in number of people taking the air route, there has been a rise in demand of qualified pilots in the country. One can easily make up to 12 Lakh per annum in this profession. Air Hostesses and stewards also earn handsomely in the initial stages of their career.

Legal Professionals

Based on their experience and track record, advocates command hefty fee for their services. Salaries in the government sector are as per government norms while private sector earn as per the complexity and the number of clients received by an individual. Luthra & Luthra, Amarchand Mangaldas are some of the most prominent law firms in India.

IT Professionals

Proficient IT professionals are not only in demand in India but all around the globe and thus draw fat salaries. The beginning salary is between 1.5 to 3 Lakh per annum but increases exponentially as you gain experience. TCS, Wipro,HCL, Mahindra are some of the best IT companies in India.

Oil and Natural Gas Sectors

Offshore drilling, Geologists, Marine Engineers are some verticals of this sector that fetch huge profits to employees. PSUs such as ONGC and Bharat Petroleum offer an extensive range of jobs. Ever since the announcement of the sixth pay commission, there have been a lot of additional perks and benefits in this sector. People with over five years of experience can get 15- 20 lakh per annum.


Sportsmen in India not only get a lot of money, they also have a high glamour quotient attributed with their profession. Since demand of sport professionals is higher than supply, they can get noticed with consistent performance and make their way to success. With events like IPL, Commonwealth Games et al gaining importance, sportsmen have started getting higher pay and perks from the country.

Entertainment Industry

Entertainment industry, primarily films and television, offer huge monetary provisions to people. Popularity is directly proportional to earnings in this profession. Models and actors with regular roles can climb up the ladder of success if they perform consistently.

Here Brain Checker also helps you to  choose best & highly payable career according to your skills

There are over 4000+ Career options available today including in fields previously unheard of. For Example today we have career’s like Paleoscatologists, Chiropractor, Somnologist and many more!

With Less than 10% students career consulting an expert before making a career choice, it does not come as a surprise that over 90% careers are chosen without understanding the child’s caliber!

Let’s not forget, Career is a Life time decision, let’s choose wisely!

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