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Career In B.Sc in Nutrition and Dietetics

Hi All, welcome to Brain Checker’s blog, in today’s article we will be talking about Career In B.Sc in Nutrition and Dietetics. I am Keya Raje, a Counseling Psychologist and Co-Founder, Brain Checker, I have been working as a Career Counselor and Mental Health Professional for last 10+Years. In this article, we will be talking about Career In B.Sc in Nutrition and Dietetics. So let’s begin.


B.Sc Nutrition and Dietetics is a three-year-long undergraduate program that deals with nutrition, food science, and dietetics which are essential to lead an ailment-less life. The course provides major insights into food microbiology and nutrition, essential in maintaining a proper healthy diet daily. There are many job opportunities available for students after the completion of the course. Some of the titles students can start with include Nutrition, dietician, fitness expert, and more.

B.Sc Nutrition and Dietetics Eligibility

Eligibility criteria for admission to B.Sc Nutrition and Dietetics courses are discussed below:

  •  A candidate must have passed 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English as compulsory subjects.
  • Some colleges and universities also accept any one of Botany, Zoology, Biotechnology, or Biochemistry in place of Biology at the 10+2 level.
  • The candidates should complete 10+2 with a minimum of 50% marks, but some very good colleges also demand a higher percentage.
  • There are different types of age restrictions followed by different colleges. Some grant admission only to those students who passed 10+2 within the last two academic years, while some colleges grant admission up to 25 years of age.

For confirming the eligibility criterion of an individual college, the candidate should career Opportunities as a Nutritionist

Clinical Nutritionist:

Clinical Nutrition is one of the major disciplines of Nutrition and Dietetics. The focus of the field is to research and acquire more and more scientific knowledge to treat infectious and non-communicable diseases by therapeutic diets and innovations. The scope of this field is as follows:

  • A graduate in B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics can work as a dietician in hospitals and Nutritionists in health clinics, health centers, and MNCs.
  • Opportunity to be a registered dietician (RD).
  • Graduates can work as project assistants, project associates, chief nutritionists in NGOs and private organizations.
  • Bariatric surgery Nutritionist.
  • Be an entrepreneur and open their nutrition clinic or nutrition-based café or restaurants, as people are getting more aware about healthy eating habits.

Public Health Nutritionist:

Public Health Nutrition is another field of nutrition that focuses on the public health problem regarding food and nutrition like Anaemia, Vitamin A, Diabetes, Iodine deficiency, etc. they deal directly with masses. The scope of this field is as follows:

  • Graduates can work as project assistants, project associates at an organization like PHFI, WHO, UNICEF, health organizations.
  • Work as a chief nutritionist in NGO or private organizations.
  • Work as a Regulatory affairs specialist
  • Nutrition Journalism is another field to explore
  • Public health policymaker
  • Sustainable food nutritionist

Sports Nutritionist:

Sports nutrition deals with specific nutrition requirements and guidelines of sports players depending on the category of sports. The scope of this field is as follows:

  • Nutritionist at sports training, gyms and fitness center
  • Digital sports coach for average gym-goer
  • Fitness streaming programmer
  • Certified Supplements and granular nutritionist
  • Nutritionist at Sports Authority of India

Food Science and Technology

This is another field of nutrition. The scope of the field is as follows:

  • Food Scientist – Work in R&D centers of Industry
  • Food Auditor/Food Quality Controller
  • Food analyst/Food sensory evaluator
  • Research associate with Food Industry
  • Consultant in FSSAI
  • Technical Labelling Analyst

Why study BSc Nutrition and Dietetics?

You should consider studying BSc nutrition and dietetics course because of the following advantages:

  1. Scope for both self-employment and job: After completing the BSc Nutrition and dietetics course, a candidate has both self-employment and job opportunities open. A candidate can choose to start his own nutrition Clinic and become self-employed, or he can apply for the position of Nutritionist and dietician in various hospitals, gyms, and Health Care clinics.
  2. In-demand course: As the topic of nutrition and diet is always in demand, so nutritionists and dietitians are always in demand. After passing this course, a candidate will not have to worry about future career graphs because there are a lot of career opportunities available in this field.
  3. Chances of a surge in demand in the future: With an increase in awareness about a balanced diet and healthy food, there are chances that there will be even greater demand for nutritionists and dietitians in the near future.

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