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Benefits of Learning Abacus – Brain Checker Academy

We all want our kids to be more successful than us and we all work hard toward achieving that goal. We send them to the best schools, hire the best tutors, and even reserve our best for them.Early childhood is the most crucial growing phase in terms of emotional, intellectual, physical and social development. While some children learn better through reading, some others learn better by observing. No child is the same. While we all know by now that that human brain growth reaches its peak in early childhood, it’s also known that the capacity to process information varies with children.

That brings us to the question: Do kids enjoy learning? The answer depends on who you ask.  Some children take to learning as a fish takes to water, some struggle, but the fact is children need to study. And one of the best ways to get them interested in learning is through an abacus.

We all know what abacus is, having learned and used when we were young. If you are thinking of enrolling your child for abacus classes, then you must know the benefits it has on the overall development of children. Apart from improving the ability to calculate, it is beneficial in other areas too.

Here are a few benefits of learning abacus.


While learning abacus, children not only learn to do calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division on the abacus device but also learn to do mental calculations. This technique, called Visualization, practically means assuming abacus within the mind and performing virtual calculations. As the calculations are done in the mind, it improves concentration levels, both for abacus and general studies. When the child learns to concentrate, he/she also learns to focus on specific problems, whether at home or school.

Improves Logical Understanding

After a while when the child has become perfect at using the abacus, his/her understanding of the world changes. They now start thinking from a logical perspective. They use logic for day-to-day scenarios.

Mathematical Proficiency

Although interesting when learned correctly, most students consider mathematics to be a difficult subject. Learning abacus makes it easy for students to master mathematics leading to a better understanding of the subject as well as becoming proficient in all aspects.

Analytical Skills

When children solve mathematical problems through abacus, they build their analytical skills. For eg, when children use the abacus, they learn to solve the same problem with several different yet simple formulas. This makes the child analyze the usage of the correct formula instantly and use that in solving the problem. With this, the child also starts to analyze real-life situations.

Memory Retention

One of the greatest properties of the abacus is it helps in memory retention. To solve a mathematical problem, a child needs to remember all the steps. With all the steps that a child uses to solve a problem using the abacus, he/she needs to know the steps and this helps them retain knowledge—both directly and indirectly. By practicing abacus continuously, the child subconsciously memorizes the question, steps, and answers which in turn boosts his/her memory.

Enhances Gross Motor Skills

When the child uses his/her hand to move the beads of the abacus instrument around, their brain is getting stimulated.  Abacus not only helps in improving brain efficiency but also simulates the sensory organs too.

Reduces Stress

Abacus is seen as a great stress buster and is known to boost happiness. Abacus helps in stimulating the brain which in turn can break the anxiety levels.

Improves Learning Fundamentals

Students remember better if teaching is done with the help of an object or image. For instance, take the example of a skeleton or maps or charts, children learn more from these objects or images than textbooks. Similarly, if children need to enjoy math, it should be taught with the help of an instrument—abacus in this case.

The benefits mentioned here are just a few of the many that one can imagine about abacus. The popularity of abacus has been on the rise constantly and many schools today dedicate some hours each month to teach children abacus. Abacus, along with Vedic mathematics, has become so popular that parents choose places that teach both these.

The right age to start teaching your child abacus is 4 years and over. That’s because this is the age when their brain starts processing information in the right way and they understand how to move the beads to get to the right solution.

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