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Abacus Wizard – Make your child a Abacus wizard

Early childhood is the most crucial growing phase in terms of emotional, intellectual, physical and social development. While some children learn better through reading, some others learn better by observing. No child is the same.

That brings us to the question: Do kids enjoy learning? The answer depends on who you ask.  Some children take to learning as a fish takes to water, some struggle, but the fact is children need to study. And one of the best ways to get them interested in learning is through an abacus.


We all know what abacus is, having learned and used when we were young. If you are thinking of enrolling your child for abacus classes, then you must know the benefits it has on the overall development of children. Apart from improving the ability to calculate, it is beneficial in other areas too.

Abacus learning is one of the best ways to improve arithmetic skills and number fluency. Abacus math also helps develop an interest and passion in math for many students as their confidence and understanding grows from an early age. After all, most students prefer the subjects they perform well in!
Abacus learning has made it easy to calculate basic arithmetic operations like subtraction, addition, division, and multiplication. It’s an enhancement tool for mental operations as it helps in learning math operations from the very basic to the quite complex.

How does Abacus learning help the students?

Counting numbers with fingers and hands was the method used before the application of sticks and stones. Later beads – ‘The abacus’ – was invented and it is the most creative way to count numbers easily and quickly. Many countries across the world used the abacus to teach basic calculations. As an advanced form of learning math, many schools, especially in Asia, use abacus in both primary and secondary classes. It’s been proven as one of the most effective methods for young learners to do mental math.
Abacus learning not only helps with the basic calculations like addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division, it also helps in effective counting of decimal points, negative numbers, etc.

Benefits Of Abacus Learning

Abacus based Mental Arithmetic System

Whole-Brain development program

Improves lifelong brain skills such as Concentration, Mathematics, Creativity, Listening, Visualization and Photo Memory

Discover and bring out the hidden potential of children

Does Mental calculations without using the Abacus tool.

Removes the fear of mathematics

Makes math fun to learn

Online Abacus Wizard Program Highlights

  • On Demand Learning
  • Pre-Recorded Chapter Wise Tutoring
  • Online Student Forum
  • Cost Effective, High Quality Education
  • Direct Assessment & Online Doubt Solving

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