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18 Insane Careers You Didn’t Know Existed

Hi everyone and welcome to yet another awesome article by Brain Checker. In today’s article we would be talking about 18 Insane Career’s You Didn’t Know Existed!

Business administration, marketing, computer science so pedestrian! Now, if you are looking to take some really offbeat & fun college courses in the U.S. that will set you apart from the crowd, then how about giving one of these majors a go?

1. Auctioneering

Going once going twice and sold to anyone who wants to learn how to be a professional auctioneer! How on Earth do they talk so fast? Well, I guess if I want to know the answer to that question, then I will need to enroll in the Harrisburg Area Community College in Pennsylvania. They offer a course called Auctioneering that teaches you everything there is to know about the trade. Like learning how to obtain and appraise items correctly, working with buyers and sellers at every stage, the technical aspects, and, of course, chanting like a pro!

2. Canadian Studies

My quiet friendly neighbor to the North a real mystery too many people in the world and even here in the States! What’s their history, their culture? What do they do up there anyway, and what’s with the funny accent?

If this is something that has always fascinated you, then how about majoring in Canadian Studies at Duke University in North Carolina

3. Ethical Hacking Oh, an oxymoron perhaps.

Apparently, hacking isn’t a self-taught trade or something you can just Google. I always imagined it like they show in the movies, you just start tapping on your keyboard very fast with an evil look of determination on your face, sitting there in your parents’ basement. But looks like I could learn a thing or two from this course. So, Dakota State University offers the Ethical Hacking Graduate Certificate, where they’ll teach you all the tricks to exploit weaknesses and vulnerabilities in a wide range of technological systems.

You’ll be known as an ethical or white hat hacker as opposed to the bad guys we see in movies who hack into systems to steal money. Those kinds are known as a malicious or black hat hacker. You’ll basically be doing what those criminals do, but you’d do it for the right reasons as one of the ultimate security professionals in the world. Ah, so, hacking, but with principles! This is one of the best Insane Career You Didn’t Know.

4. Astrobiology

So, if biology is the study of living organisms and Astro means space, then it must be a course focusing on the study of aliens!

Ok, maybe not exactly, but if you major in Astrobiology, you’ll learn about the search for planets beyond our solar system, the origin and evolution of life on earth, and the sustainability of life in extreme environments.

Just think, you might be the first person to communicate with extra-terrestrial life! Or at least find some amoeba on Mars or something

5. Entertainment Engineering and Design Studying

The science of fun, sign me up! Why am I not surprised this course is given at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas?

Any-who, getting a degree in Entertainment Engineering and Design will give you a better understanding of the art (and business!) of entertainment. You can learn the science of putting on an awesome light show, designing arenas, sound engineering, and even the legal, social, and safety aspects of the business. Have to appreciate the pros behind your good time in Vegas!

6. Bowling Industry Management and Technology

Speaking of having a good time, ever wanted to run your own bowling alley? Hey, you can’t break anything there! How about learning more about all that behind-the-scenes tech? Automatic pinsetters really are the best thing since sliced bread. Anyway, this course at Vincennes University in Indiana will really knock your pins down!

7. Enroll at Ivy League school

Wasting Time on the Internet What better field of study to take when enrolling at a prestigious and historic Ivy League school like the University of Pennsylvania? If you’re hoping that your time in this class will be spent looking at memes and cat videos, then I’ve got great news that’s exactly what you do! Ok, the Wasting Time on the Internet course does get a little deeper than that, delving into the long history of the recuperation of boredom and asking questions like, could we reconstruct our autobiography using only Facebook?

8. Family Enterprise Management

Family Enterprise For all the students who are planning to run the family business after you graduate, you might want to major in Family Enterprise Management.

The course is pretty much like Business Administration, but with a focus on, wait for it, family businesses! I guess there’s a different science to it?

9. Nannying

Ooh that sounds like a goat: nnnnNannying. I’m sure any parent would feel more comfortable hiring a pro in childcare that knows how to provide their kids with a safe environment. I mean, no offense to all the 17-year-old nieces out there who are just looking for a summer job. I’m sure you’re a great babysitter! Just don’t be surprised if a professional nanny with a degree gets that gig over you!

You may find this option, the most Insane Career You Didn’t Know but Existed.

10. To Hogwarts: An intensive study of Harry Potter

Harry Potter So you might not be able to study at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but Central Michigan University has a great wizarding program too! Ok, you won’t study magic or anything, but you will learn everything you need to know about Harry Potter and the rest of the wizarding world.

This is a very immersive course, as you’ll even get a chance to travel to the UK and follow Harry’s footsteps! The course is called To Hogwarts: An intensive study of Harry Potter through the British Isles just in case you’re interested!

11. The Art of Language Invention

Excuse me, do you speak Dothraki? What about High Valyrian? How do I even know if I said those right? Well, if you’re interested in how linguist David Peterson came up with the languages spoken in the hit TV show Game of Thrones, then this one’s for you! The full name of the course is The Linguistics of Game of Thrones and the Art of Language Invention, and it was given at Berkley in the summer of 2017 and taught by Peterson himself! Ah, shucks, missed the boat on that one.

But, hey, any Lord of the Rings fans out there who always dreamed of speaking Elvish can still take Quenya and Sindarin at the University of Wisconsin!

12. Blacksmithing Finishing the Metal Smiting and Blacksmithing program

This is at Southern Illinois University won’t have you winning medieval sword fights or anything. But you would be proficient in the art of working with and creating things using metal! You could then pursue a career in academia, museum work, or you could become an independent artist.

13. Nautical Archaeology

Have you ever wished you could be a mermaid and live in an underwater castle like Ariel and finally master using a digglehopper or the snarfblatt? Um, sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s not possible. I can, however, give you a close second alternative.

By studying Nautical Archaeology, you’ll be able to don your diving suit and search for lost underwater artefacts of ancient civilizations and explore shipwrecks. So, you’re basically an archaeologist, only with flippers!

14. Floral Management

Hey, somebody has make those beautiful bouquets that brighten every bride’s big day! (Or act as a peace offering for fellas in the doghouse!) Oh, and can’t forget about putting a smile on moms face for Mother’s Day! Anyway, a degree in Floral Management will give you a wide variety of career options, including freelance floral designing, garden design and management, media design and styling, as well as wedding and bridal design planning.

I found this is again an Insane Career Option You Didn’t Know.

15. Bakery Science

I don’t know about flowers and all, but I love the smell of my local bakery first thing in the morning! Those of you who spend hours in the kitchen baking cookies, cakes, and pastries that get gobbled up within seconds, a course in Bakery Science could turn you into a real pro!

16. Adventure Education

Yes, adrenaline junkies, there’s a unique course for you too! From white water rafting, rock climbing, wilderness exploration, and tons of other adventurous activities, Plymouth State University has you covered. I don’t imagine couch potatoes will be very interested in this field, but I’ve got a little something for you too.

17. Study of Popular Culture Reality TV, celebrities, music, magazines

These are all elements of pop culture, and Bowling Green State University has a whole department dedicated to it. But it’s not just about sitting in class and reading about the latest celebrity scandals. No No. The program delves into the influence pop culture has on society. And with a major or minor in this unique field, you can then go into journalism, advertising, and mass media to name a few!

18. Wildlife Course

And finally, if you’ve always felt a particular connection to Ace Ventura, you might consider taking this Wildlife course at Humboldt State University.

It’s basically the science of studying and working with animals, and you can then find an exciting career in a variety of fields. From becoming a game warden to a zookeeper, the possibilities for you animal lovers are endless! So Bosco, now it’s your turn. Which of these courses would you want to study?

Let me know down in the comments. I hope you have learnt something new today. Stay connected as we have over 100s of such cool articles for you to check out.

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Stay on the Bright Side of life!


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