A Premium Partner is appointed for a period of 5 years and the agreement can be mutually renewed for another term at the end of the primary agreement tenure.

A Premium Partner is fully trained by the Trainers at Brain Checker, before his or her commercial launch. Generally it takes up to a month or more, depending on the grasping speed of the Franchise.

All partners would be trained by Brain Checker, however for future communication the Partners have to nominate one within themselves to coordinate with the company for all support related issues.

Brain Checker trains the Franchise. Its’ the Franchise who has to train the staff that he/she recruits. Brain Checker would help the Franchise by activating the training links of the company so that the Franchise’s staff can access them and become conversant in the product knowledge, thereafter the Franchise has to train him her on counselling and marketing aspects.

A Premium Partner pays Franchise Fee before the company starts the Franchise activation process. The Franchise Fees is neither refundable nor transferrable. All Fees paid are on non-refundable basis.

Yes, Brain Checker is a registered GST Compliant Entity. In the Counselling Industry, which is categorised as a sub-set of the Service Industry, currently GST @ 18% is charged on all services offered.

We understand that our Franchises may change cities for some reason or the other during the term of the agreement, we have a provision within our structure to permit such change and shift the Franchise from City-A to City-B. A nominal transfer charge is levied upon the Franchise for this service.

Brain Checker launches at least 1 new product every year, as a Premium Partner you are liable to opt for the product at a very nominal cost. For details, kindly talk to our Business Development Team by either filling up the appended Inquiry Form or by calling 09970057774 (National Helpline)

A Premium Partner ideally breaks-even within a year if he/she has ensured that at least 1-2 new parents are met on a daily basis and the concept has been explained to them diligently.

No, each Franchise is provided with Training, Products and support however the company does not offer any performance guarantees

No, Brain Checker appoints 1 Premium Partner every 4-5 Lakh population. We currently use the 2011 census to measure the District’s Population. Eg: If the Population of Pune is 50 Lakhs as per 2011 census, then as such there can be 10-12 Premium Partners’ in Pune.

Our model is designed as such, that 2 or more partners never approach the same school. We ensure that when one partner is talking to a school or college or institution, others do not interfere in the deal which results in unnecessary rate cutting and eventual loss to the Franchises and the company. Our mechanism is so strong that such a situation hasn’t happened even once since inception. To know more about, how Brain Checker manages this kindly talk to our Business Development Team by either filling up the appended Inquiry Form or by calling 09970057774 (National Helpline).

No, in fact none of the partners are encouraged to visit the Head Office for training. All our training content is pre-recoded in English & in Hindi in our Training Software Modules encompassing of hundreds of videos which get transferred to the Franchise. This enables the franchise to Learn from Home and complete the training managing their other priorities.

We have an in-house Digital Marketing Team who works relentlessly to augment online reach and penetration using Paid as well as generic tools to advertise Brain Checker in your city using all social media platforms. We are able to generate leads through our Digital efforts which in turn are forwarded to you as student leads.

Absolutely, we constantly share success stories of other partners as well as share new marketing ideas often within the closed Franchise Group. You can watch some of the videos by going to the video section and explore it. We also assist our partners on WhatsApp Advertising as well as non-traditional advertising ideas are frequently shared to help partners augment their business potential.