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Corporate Counselling in Nashik

H-PACT Potency

Brain Checker® H-PACT is a Broad-Spectrum Evaluation for Teams designed to implement a robust HR Audit at organizations of all sizes. Brain Checker’s corporate counselling in nashik & assessment services, is a second business vertical within the Brain Checker structure.

H-PACT stands for Human Resource Impact, something that cannot be quantified easily but plays a major role in shaping the story the organization envisages to write. Unlike most assessments out there in the market, Brain Checker H-PACT is a one-of-a-kind, complete organization evaluation tool. If you look at the Corporate Assessment’s Market today, you would witness a lot of specific need-based assessments being implemented by organizations to tackle the key problem at hand, for example, to recruit 200 new employees from a prospect bucket of 20,000, organizations prefer Pre-Recruitment Screening Assessments, which help them identify the ideal fits from the larger pool.

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H-PACT was created to serve a different purpose. It was designed to identify problems before they appear or rather to scrutinize the entire human resource fabric of an organization to find the loose ends, which can then be weaved in time, before snowballing into a major crisis.

In 2021, Cognizant one of the world’s largest IT companies, witnessed a 33% attrition, something which was unheard of, before the pandemic changed the way employees think or act. Read the article here to gasp the magnitude of the problem.

H-PACT was designed by Industry Experts and offers something that no one in the market can match: Top Management Course Correction Counseling by IIM Ahmedabad Experts!

H-PACT is:

  • Divided in 5 Sections
  • Administered on Brain Checker Cloud
  • Offered in English, Hindi & Regional Languages
  • A 90 Minute Online Assessment
  • Attested by Industry Stalwarts

H-PACT Evaluates an Employee on the following parameters:

  • Psychological Personality
  • Occupational Preference
  • Managerial Style
  • Work Satisfaction
  • Pay Satisfaction
  • Co-Worker Satisfaction
  • Promotion Prospects Evaluation
  • Senior Junior Bond Evaluation
  • Occupational Stress

H-PACT Inclusion for Corporates:

  • Individual Soft Copy Reports
  • Company Wise Consolidated Report
  • Access to Cloud Analytics
  • Cross Functional Statistics
  • Graphs & Data for Decision Making
  • Counseling by Experts

H-PACT will find:

  • Future Leaders Stressed Employees
  • Flight Risk Employees
  • Concerning Departments
  • Wrong Hires
  • Misfits
  • Risk Takers
  • Negotiators & Deal Makers
  • Customized Retention Strategy
  • Framework for Learning & Development
  • Training Gaps