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An IQ(Intelligence Quotient)  test is also known as a Proficiency Test, for students. It is a tool that helps for evaluating and build academic goals in young minds.  To test the child's capabilities, the specified questions have to be answered in a definite time to get a score, and it is then compared to age-appropriate norms. The IQ of a person is crucial in determining their total capabilities.

Our expert team performs the IQ test on children and helps them to know their weaknesses and strengths. We are well adapted to new innovative methods, one of the Best IQ Test Center in Nashik, for the overall development of a child's charisma and overall development so that parents can take a precise direction that can help them in later stages.



Brain Checker provides psychometric test in nashik a unique assessment tool offering the test taker the opportunity to evaluate his or her own Intelligence, Personality, and Occupational predispositions in English and in Hindi.

Brain Checker Psychometric Assessment BCPA was designed by Dr. Jeffery Smith, Ph.D. (Psychology) along with in-house experts at Brain Checker. Dr. Smith has over 20 years of experience in designing and assessing psychological tests and created the BCPA keeping in mind the Indian Students.


BCPA is:

  • Divided into 12 Sections.
  • Includes CIQT and 2 Additional Tests.
  • Offered in English and Hindi.
  • Is a 90 Minute System Based (Offline) Test.
  • Attested by Ph.D. Experts.
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CIQT Evaluates a Child on the following parameters:

  • Retention
  • Numerical Handling
  • Sensing
  • Word Understanding
  • Spatial Observations
  • Spatial Patterns
  • Logical Analysis
  • Arithmetic Chronology
  • Spatial Co-Relations
  • Creative Application
  • Occupational Codes
  • Personality Type

Key Inclusions in the BCPA:

  • Left Brain Score
  • Right Brain Score
  • Composite IQ Score
  • Cross Comparison with 200 Career Options
  • Holland’s Occupational Codes (RIASEC)
  • Personality Profile Assessment (16 Personalities Evaluation)

Benefits of BCPA:

  • Understand your child’s Caliber & Personality
  • 10 Parameter Evaluation using India’s First Indianised IQ Test
  • Personality & Occupational Preference Evaluation
  • Realistic Career Recommendations
  • 100% Accurate Career Guidance
  • Stream Selection Assistance
  • Internationally Valid Caliber Score
  • Internationally Valid Personality Classification

The BCPA has been successfully implemented in the State of Haryana for the Government School Students and has been appreciated in writing by the Ministry of Education, Government of Haryana.

Download the Brain Checker Research Report Published in the International Journal of Research in Engineering, Science and Management, click here.