How To Become A Career Counselor ?

Become A Career Counselor

In today's world a career adviser can find job in high schools and colleges to help scholars get ready for their chosen careers. They can also find work in social services institutions and staffing offices. Someone have entrepreneurial skills can go for private practices and make a name for themselves in this field. For those wondering How to become a career counselor? Brain Checker provide professional career counselor Training, Certification and Own Career Counselling technology Platform set up and global empanelment.

Through the usage of tools and the skill level assessment, career counselors assist and help for people with settling on choices about their professions ways, show pursuit of employment abilities, and work on compromise methods for application in the working environment or workplace. Working with a wide cluster of clients in different stages of their life, counselors with a profession speciality will likewise offer help to those generally gone into the workforce on working on their present in current career.

how to become a career counselor

Career Counselor Required Skills:

  • Should have ability to convince his clients with his logical reasoning.
  • To put his clients at ease will work wonders for a Counselor to work efficiently and satisfactorily.
  • Should possess skills and expertise to run his own Career Counseling business.
  • Good communication skills and knowledge should be of more than one language is a must for handling people from all corners of the world.
  • Career Counselor should have an interest in working with different kind of people or organizations and an ability to connect with them with jest to make a difference in their lives.

Essential skills for a career in counselling

  • Attending and active listening
  • Respect for confidentiality and professional boundaries
  • Resilience, patience and humility
  • A non-judgemental approach
  • A genuine interest in others

Benefits of Careers in Counseling:

Once qualified many of the counselors make a living by setting up their own private business and combining this with part-time work, however becoming self-employed requires many years of experience.

Within the education sector you could work in schools, colleges and universities, helping to support students with study and personal issues.

Many Opportunities exist in healthcare industry, although NHS posts are limited. You could find work in hospitals, GP surgeries or could find some community and occupational healthcare teams,also helping clients with a range of problems.

The voluntary sector also provides an array of job opportunities. You could work for charities focusing on mental health,also help people who are homelessness, suffered from domestic violence, child adoption, the rehabilitation of offenders and family relationships.

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Educational Qualification

There's no specific educational qualification or experience necessary to turn your career into a Career Counselor. Still, someone having related certification or field experience in areas like public relations, Human Resource Management, Human Psychology and Career Counseling etc. will have edge over the others and his chances of picking up work at the original stage will increase numerous times.

Steps for Become a Career Counselor

  • Step 1: Take any stream at or after high school
  • Students can take any stream at high school and securing good score would be a prerequisite to admission into degree level.

  • Step 2: Take A Bachelor’s Degreee in any subject
  • Students who wish to pursue a job as a career counselor must have an undergraduate degree under their belt ,but undergoing a graduation in psychology or a related field will definitely be of use. Students have to put their efforts to acquire knowledge about different career fields and need to improve their language and presentation skills, as it will be an advantage.

  • Step 3: Take Post Graduation in Counselling Psychology
  • After completing graduation you can do two year Msc in Counseling Psychology, which give you exposure to psychology and counseling. Masters degree admission will be based on merit.

In career counselor training counselors work in the academic setting, serving in high schools, community colleges and universities. Brain Checker also employ career counselors to help employees map their career paths or transition from one type of work to another. Finally, many independent Career Counselors work as recruiters or career coaches.